How we can help

Agile Teams

Agile teams are small, entrepreneurial groups that solve complex problems quickly, boost time-to-market, improve customer responsiveness, and generate a host of other benefits. We help you launch highly effective Agile teams, a critical step on the way to becoming a truly Agile enterprise.

When you have a complex problem to solve, a project with changing requirements, a situation requiring creativity, or an opportunity to work closely with end users, you have a scenario that’s ripe for an Agile team.  We’ve helped companies launch hundreds of them, providing leadership the awareness, skills training, organizational guidance, and change management expertise to enable Agile teams to become highly productive very quickly. We’ll help you identify the areas of your business that are best-suited to Agile today, assemble the right people for the team(s) and instruct them on every facet of Agile methodology. Together, we’ll build a repeatable model so that the journey from a single team or a handful of teams to a truly Agile enterprise unfolds at speed, propelling your growth.  

What to Expect

Unleash innovation

Employ a test-and-learn approach that unlocks creativity and leads to novel solutions, new products and breakthrough services

Boost morale

Increase employee satisfaction by creating cross-functional teams that leverage everyone’s greatest talents and make an immediate impact

Scale methodically

Determine where Agile works best and how the organization responds, so you can deploy it most effectively

Battle bureaucracy

Shift the budgeting paradigm to a VC model to speed innovation and prioritize customer centricity

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The core members of the company

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